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Who are we and what do we offer?
You've probably heard more than once heard such a phrase as "Traffic selling" Many people are interested in it. They would like to know how to sell traffic and make money on it. But 99% of Internet users still do not know what the phrase "Selling traffic" means. We have been doing this very work for many years. Our service is an innovative "STARTUP" product, designed to accumulate organic traffic, with the possibility of further reselling the accumulated traffic to other companies for profit. 50% of our received benefit we give to our active service members. Our "CREDO" Maximum efficiency. It is efficiency that determines the level of profit when mining. More and more miners are joining the search for a block, and the complexity of the network, accordingly, increases. When the network reaches its saturation limit, the most efficient miners get the best results. BitFury's state-of-the-art application chips provide the highest possible performance and efficiency.

The "MINING CRYPTO FIRE" service was created by professionals for individuals wishing to take part in cryptocurrency mining.

We believe that everyone should be able to take advantage of mining and access miners from their laptop or mobile phone.

We cooperate with various mining companies. Our main provider of mining power is BitFury, the industry leader.

The main directions for your earnings.
1. Way to earn money. Activate one of the three free miners and you will immediately start receive income.
2. Get a daily bonus. If you do not break the chain of bonuses, your bonus will increase every day.
3. Invite partners to our service. For each activation of a free miner by your partners, you will receive + 5% to the initial output of your miner for exactly three months.
4. Way to earn money. Advertise your affiliate link in Internet. Every unique transition /click/ through your partner’s link is paid. One unique transition = 1 Satoshi.
5. Way to earn money. if you have your own website, copy the code to the button of our service in the "My partners" section and place it on your website. Every unique view of our button on your site is paid. One unique button view = 1 Satoshi. (We recommend to put the button on the most visited page of your site).
6. BITCOIN ROLL - Every hour you have the opportunity to win from 1 to 3 Satoshi absolutely free. Click on the "ROLL" button, view the opened page for 150 seconds and your winnings will be automatically credited to your Bitcoin balance. Winnings are randomly generated. Also, you get 50% of the referral reward from the winnings of your partners.

It is not finished yet! In the section "My partners" you will be able to learn more details about the ways to earn income with the help of your partners.